Glimpse California’s Jewel – San Diego

Known as the jewel of South California, San Diego is a place that any person must visit even just once. Clear blue skies and deeper blue waters surrounding fantastic beaches and everything revolving around the sea from aqua parks, marine zoos and preserves, aquariums, snorkeling and diving, surfing, and the most beautiful sunsets you could ever imagine, this is what makes up San Diego. It’s a perfect place to visit during your travels in the USA.

Glimpse California’s Jewel

For those in the historical know, they head to the center of the city, San Diego Old Town, which is the actual place where the state of California was born. San Diego, named after the Catholic saint, James, is the site of the first Spanish settlement in the New World of California.

There are still vestiges of the Mexican influence to be seen in the city. In fact, this may be the place where you’ll get the best Mexican food you’ll ever have in your life outside of Mexico itself. And that goes double for the Margaritas!

San Diego is rich in natural resources as well. Its seventy-some miles of beach give way to fun in the sea and the sun. You can do practically anything you want in the water and everything you need is available for rent, too.

This city is famous for its zoos and parks, too, with the warm weather lending a hand to keeping plants and animals in the pink of health. It’s not worth it to skip the world-famous San Diego Zoo, where you may be lucky enough to see all 4,000 animals currently residing there. Their exhibits are understandably state-of-the-art, with continuous transformations being done on the Panda Canyon (admittedly the most popular stop with the longest lines, when open), the Polar Rim for glimpses of polar bears playing with blocks of ice in their pools, and the Elephant Odyssey, where you may get to ride an elephant, just maybe!

Glimpse California’s Jewel – San Diego
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