Find a Romantic Getaway in Carmel-by-the-Sea

While Carmel-by-the-Sea is more of a town than a city, it’s a place that must not be missed when you are in the West Coast. It’s a perfect site for a weekend getaway, so make sure that your trip is planned out right during your travels in the USA!


The first thing that comes to mind for locals when you ask them about the attractions of this pretty town is – shopping! In fact, it is an artist’s paradise and you may well be happy with the amount of money you part with when you find the painting or sculpture of your dreams. The shops have products not usually found elsewhere, something that they pride themselves on.

If you want a romantic getaway, then Carmel-by-the-Sea is the place to go. The laid back atmosphere blends nicely with the beautiful scenery, creating an ambiance that is lovely and romantic yet not stuffy or soupy at all.

One place to take a lazy stroll is through the downtown area of Carmel. You could take a self-guided tour with available brochures and discover all the hidden courtyards that it revolves around.

If you want to play up the romanticism of this vacation, take a stroll down Ocean Avenue until you hit Carmel Beach, a stretch of soft, white sand that is a definite love-spot at sunset. Take along a simple picnic while you’re at it.

You can share a cocktail at the Highland Inn during sunset if the beach doesn’t appeal. One other attractive spot to bring your love interest after a perfect dinner is to snuggle by the outdoor fireplaces strategically located at The Forge in the Forest.

A final tip – bring comfortable walking shoes! While it’s a scenic romp to drive around Carmel, it’s even better when you are walking. And unless you want to nurse a broken ankle while tramping on the cobblestones that edge the streets, you wouldn’t want to have any uncomfortable shoes or high heels with you.

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Nice area to stay BUT you are NOT w/in walking distance to the ocean. Parking can be a b***ch in downtown Carmel if you go during peak season or in the afternoon. 

The stunning natural beauty of Carmel-by-the-Sea has inspired artists, sparked romances, and attracted world travelers for decades

My wife and I did a California coast trip for our honeymoon. Carmel was one of our favorite places!

California= the most self-absorbed, entitled people on Earth.


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