Find a Bit of American Desert in Phoenix

What is there to see in Phoenix? If you’re just passing through and want to catch the best sights during your travels in the USA, the choices may boggle the mind. There are lots of things to see and do, which would also depend on who is with you and when you’ll be visiting.

Find a Bit of American Desert in Phoenix

It’s supposed to be hot in Phoenix, of course, and the desert-like environment may not exactly be conducive to sight-seeing by foot. However, the beauty of the area is well worth it and indoor attractions are numerous enough to escape the heat completely.

One place that should not be missed is the Heard Museum which has a staggering 32,000 pieces of cultural artifacts and fine art. One of the permanent exhibits that has always drawn attention are the Kachina Dolls, the Native American Hopi carved dolls that are more religious item than toy.

If you’ve been blessed with cool weather, then head out immediately to the Desert Botanical Garden. Known as the largest collection of desert plants ever amassed, this is the only place where you will be able to view rare, endangered, or threatened plants in their natural habitat. This garden is actually an accredited museum in itself, with its gardens turned into permanent outdoor exhibits.

If your taste runs toward the more unusual, then Mystery Castle would be your style of entertainment. A tribute dedicated to a daughter by a father, this gigantic castle covers about eight thousand square feet and is made of local granite, bricks, and recycled bottles. With choice pieces of southwestern antiques filling the rooms, this poignant and highly creative work of art is a hidden treasure in the midst of Phoenix.

You shouldn’t leave cowboy country without a trip to a genuine steakhouse. The Rawhide Western Town and Steakhouse offers you much more than a mere grilled steak; in fact you can witness a whole plethora of cowboy stunts here from bull riding to gunfights and stunt shows. Don’t miss the dinner, no matter what.

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hey do you post your gps data?

Beautiful! We live in Canada but have been hiking in Phoenix area! It’s so lovely there!

Very Good! I will make it out to Arizona someday


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