Eat Your Way through Malta

Vacations are great aren’t they? You get to do what you want for as long as your vacation lasts. If you visit Malta, you can do what you want to your hearts content.

Eat Your Way through Malta

Some people might decide to go diving in Malta’s pristine waters and at its amazing underwater sights. Other people might visit every nook and cranny looking for a great buys to bring home to their friends; while a few might just be there to enjoy the night life and bask in the sun. There are tourists however that go on vacation and eat. Yes, you read that right. They go on vacation and eat to their heart’s content sampling the gastronomic delights that Malta has to offer. They are on vacation and normal dietary rules may not apply. Just how lucky are these people.

Malta is strategically located in the heart of the Mediterranean and as a result, has imbibed a little bit of everything that surrounds it. Resulting in scrumptious Mediterranean cuisine that has a Maltese twist. For those that would love to try everything that Maltese cuisine has to offer there are quite a lot of places worth checking out. High standards and warm welcomes are par for the course in Ambrosia, a restaurant located in Valleta, the menu is changed everyday and you will always find great Mediterranean dishes that make great use of fresh local produce.

Another great restaurant also to be found in Valleta is Café Jubilee where you can drip in to have a good old Maltese breakfast of and a pastizzi. You can also find salad, pasta or risotto on the menu. Café Jubilee is also great for late night drinks.

La Sicilia is an unpretentious eatery where you can find hearty Italian pasta dishes that are filling and very easy on the wallet. This is a great restaurant for the budget conscious traveler.

Whatever you want to eat, go ahead and scour the streets of Valleta, you will surely find something that will please your palate or merely something to fill a rumbling tummy and give you enough energy for another round of walking.

Eat Your Way through Malta
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