Discover Oakland: Be There!

Oakland is one of the largest cities in the mainland USA, in fact it is the 18th largest city in the State of California and it is also a port city.

Discover Oakland Be There

Oakland is one of the oldest inhabited lands in the Americas having been inhabited by the Native American people called the Ohlone nation who were displaced by the Spanish colonists. Eventually, the Peralta Family which owned most of the land of Oakland came face to face with the early Americans and they had to sell off the land to pay off for legal fees.

Today, Oakland is a major West Coast port and has seen an economic growth that the inhabitants now enjoy. It is a metropolitan city complete with major industries that call the city their home base. It has also grown considerable in terms of population.

The weather in Oakland is quite mild and this city by the bay is a great attraction to tourists who wish to shop and eat the international cuisines which are served right by the bay. Getting into Oakland is quite easy with the International Airport, the train services, as well as the bus and ferry transportations. Of course those who wish to come in with their own cars can also do so. All the visitor needs to do is to make inquiries regarding plane schedules or maps if they are taking their own cars.

Oakland is not short of ‘must see’ sights. There is the 16th Street Station which is a train station with an impressive façade. There is the African American Museum and Library which have special exhibits and events to entertain the visitors. There is the Jack London Square, one of the principal tourist’s sights, where shopping and restaurants can entertain all who visit.

There is also the chance to visit and tour the USS Potomac which served as the former President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidential yacht from 1936 to 1945 on his death. Visitors can book a historic cruise ahead of time or they could go and experience the dockside tours.

Then there is the Peralta Museum of History and Culture. The Peralta’s, as history shows us, were pushed out of their property by the American Squatters. They eventually had to sell out their land so they could continue to survive. The Museum is in honour of this brave Spanish family, also this is the same land and home that the family lived in. Visitors can book for tours and attend special events online or by calling their phone.

For those who are into science and technology, visitors can also experience the Chabot Space and Science Center where high tech facilities can entertain the visitors with the planetarium and Megadome movies. The visitors could also get the chance to experience space life with the Challenger Learning Centre. It is a hands-on type of exhibit that a lot of visitors, especially children, find highly entertaining and educational.

For those who like to see great architecture, the visitors could also take tours which could bring them around the beautiful and historic theatres. The architecture of these theatres alone is enough to captivate the interested visitors.

Eating, dining, sightseeing, shopping, experiencing space and going back to the past, Oakland is a diverse city not just in its inhabitants but in its very way of life. The diverse cultures of the city is a true testament that Oakland is a city that is eclectic as it is high tech. Visit and discover Oakland and experience for yourself what makes it different from all other great cities in the US. Consider online hotel booking to the make your trip a little easier and lighter on your wallet.

Discover Oakland: Be There!
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