Interview with Kirstie – digital marketer and travel blogger

I’m Kirstie, and I’m a 27 year old digital marketer and travel blogger ( I’m originally from Pasadena, California and have lived abroad in Madrid and Sevilla, Spain and Sydney, Australia. A year ago, I left on a trip around the world and have been backpacking and freelancing ever since.


You have an unlimited travel budget for 24 hours. Give me your itinerary.
Fly me to Antarctica! I’ll spend the day roaming around the ice, discovering the area by boat, and befriending the native animals.

You have won the lottery. Tell me where you want to live.
On the beach in California, maybe a few hours from Los Angeles to visit my family regularly and have easy access to an airport so I can continue traveling the world.

Your favorite travel resource on the web?
Google Flights. So handy when I’m booking air travel!

What is the superpower you most want?
Teleportation. How much easier would that make travel?

What’s fuels your passion for travel?
The idea that every morning, when I wake up, I have no idea what to expect that day. Even if I have my entire day mapped out, I never know who I’ll meet, what I’ll eat, which experiences I’ll love and hate… It’s all an adventure.

Why do you write?
My main motive is so that I have a record of these amazing years when I’m old and senile. But I also love the feeling of having converted my creative energy into something tangible

Do your family and friends support your traveling escapades?
Yes! I’m sure some don’t fully understand it, and perhaps others wouldn’t choose this life for themselves, but I have a fantastic support system.

What is the title of the movie about your life?
Lost and Found

What’s on your bucket list?
The more I travel, the more I have to add to my bucket list! Returning to Europe to visit friends, seeing Iceland, and touring Central Asia are three on the top of my list.

Can you imagine life without travel?
No! I understand it’s not for everyone, but once you get started, it’s next to impossible to stop. I’m very grateful each day that I get to continue doing it.

If you were not travelling what would you be doing instead?
I’d probably have a full-time digital marketing job in the San Francisco area. And I’d like to arrive at that point eventually, but I’ll keep the travel going for now.

If you could be transported to one place at one time, what would it be and why?
I’d love to be transported to one of my grandparent’s childhoods to experience how that era felt and understand what made them who they are today.

Single thing you miss most from high school?
The faculty. I had the most amazing teachers in high school who inspired me deeply and always made me feel loved and appreciated. Without them, I’d be a very different person.

Do you have any advice or tips for aspiring travellers?
Don’t let your fears get to you! There are a million things that could scare you away from travel, but, seriously, stop fretting and just go. It will all work out beautifully.

Your single most treasured personal possession.
My teddy bear Teddy, who has stuck with me through thick and thin since I was a few months old.

Language you’d most like to be fluent in?
I wish my Spanish were as good as my English, but since I’m already fairly fluent in that, I’ll choose Mandarin. I studied it for a year when I was living in Sydney, but it’s a tricky language to master!

Funniest person you have ever met or seen in person
I saw Flight of the Conchords in concert in 2009, and I think it’s the one time I’ve ever actually cried with laughter. Love those guys.

Can you tell us about your next adventure
I’m currently in Central America, and, for the next two and a half weeks, I’ll be exploring Costa Rica and Panama. I’ve loved every moment of this trip so far and can’t wait for more!

Interview with Kirstie – digital marketer and travel blogger
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