China Yangtze River Cruises

China Yangtze River Cruises
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It is about luxurious three Gorges & Dam Cruise one can exclusively find here and it becomes a life time thrilling experience.

China Yangtze River Cruises

Chongqing to Yichang is highly exciting tourist interest trip which is so far has been experiencing crowds of tourist coming here having heard about the wonders of Yangtze. The river Yangze winds itself through the Three Gorges and reaching the namesake Dam.

China Yangtze River Cruises

The site offers services of deluxe Yangtze River plush cruising ship, Victoria cruising ship and President Yangtze cruising ships.  Of all these cruises the China Dragon cruise is most economical to hire.

There is facility of English speaking staff, who attends to the enquiries very promptly. If looking for a Yangtze cruise it is only a click away all the arrangements can be finalized online.

Wonders Hidden in Three Gorges:

The Chongqing – Yichang the waterway has a length of 648 km being combination of three Gorges namely Qutang, Wu and Xiling having length of 114.

The Qutang Gorge:

It is 8 KM in length commencing from the Baidi Town of Fengjie to Daxi Town of Wushan – it is also known as Kui Gorge, and is very charming to look at and is the narrowest of all just about 100 meters at the narrowest place..

Wu Gorge:

It is about 40KM long beginning from forming of the Daning River at the riverside town of Wushan to the Guandukou Town of Badong. There is cliff tower of more than 900 meters in height having 12 sharp peaks on both the sides; one of them is regarded as Goddess peak.

Xiling Gorge:

It is 66KM long beginning from the formation of  Xiangxi River which reaches Nanjin Guan Pass of Yichang  and is  longer than other 2 Gorges. The Three Gorges Dam is located at Sandouping which is almost in the center of Xiling Gorge.

Three Gorge Dam:

The Three Gorges Dam is located almost at the central point of Xiling Gorge located at Sandouping, which is  44km upwards from Yichang and is world’s largest hydro-electric power station aimed at making use of Yangtze river for generating hydroelectric power and put a check of flash flood damages occurring in the past.

On a Chongqing Yichang cruise, many of the cruise ships enter the two 5-stage locks of the dam. Visitors are charmed by observing the five-step ship lock, the diversion track of the canal and the dam itself.

There are 3 to 5 day cruise offered to the tourists with all inclusive package.

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