China Silk Road Trip

It is a very popular trip among the tourist visitors to china. There are many spots having gained prominence 2000 years ago, when every thing was of simple and primitive nature. Traders from the world centers brought their indigenous commodities and exchanged with the silk produce of china.

China Silk Road Trip

The silk route begins from Chang’an, which at the present time is located at Xian, in Shaanxi Province situated in the east and extends to Rome and Italy in the west.

The Silk route traverses through many towns in the Chinese Provinces, and autonomous regions lying in China and then crosses the Pamirs terrain  reaching regions of Central and West Asia ending at the eastern banks of the Mediterranean Sea and Eastern Europe.

It is a very long route having total distance of more than 7000 km, around half the silk route is in China territory.
On the way there is great richness of natural scenic locations along with historically important significant regions, which became the regional trade centers.

Attractions of Interest on the Silk Route Trip:

Following are the tourist attractions on the silk route:

1.        Terra-cotta Warriors and Horse of Xi’an,

2.        Yellow River and Bingling Thousand Buddha Caves of Lanzhou.

3.        Yangguan Pass,

4.        The Turpan Basin.

5.        Bazaar of Urumqi,

6.        Abakh Khoja Tomb.

7.        Idgar Mosque,

8.        Kashgar Old Town of Kashgar and Kashi.

Considering the popularity there are more than ten private tours with well defined the details of the tour.

There is also provision of China Silk Road custom designed vacation package, which can make a great moment to enjoy for a family.

Besides the above there are many variations of the China Silk Road tour depending mainly on the number of days one wants to spend the most common is 9 day tour package offering all the travel, meals accommodation in the package.

China Silk Road Trip
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