A Shopping Vacation in Malta

A Shopping Vacation in Malta
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To people who love shopping, nothing is sweeter than hearing this word paired with vacation. To go on vacation and to shop around everyday is heaven to a lot of people and you can do a lot of shopping while in Malta.

A Shopping Vacation in Malta

What could be better than riffling through merchandise in charming old open-air markets and shops that are located in centuries old buildings? Those who love haggling can hone their skills in the Sunday markets or even just the flea markets outside the walls of Valleta.

When in vacation in Malta, you might want to check out a couple of bookstore for some books you can read while baking in the sun. Agenda and Aquilina Bookshop have great stocks of history books along with some travel guides and fiction on their shelves. You will not be disappointed and pretty soon, you can be on the beach enjoying a good book while basking in the sun’s rays and listening to the sound of the waves.

In the Artisans market, you will find a selection of merchandise you can take home to your friends or even use in your own house. In Artisans market, you will find Gozo lace, jewelry and even doorknockers made of brass.

Looking to try some Maltese recipes, then go on to the Fresh Produce Market where you can buy fresh produce like vegetables, fruits and deli stuff on the top floor. Pork and other meat products can be found on the ground floor of the market. It has all you need to try your hand at cooking

Gio Batta Delia is a place you should take some time to browse through. They carry some big names that produce fine china and even glass. For those that are feeling just a hint of homesickness, there is a Marks & Spencer that you might want to visit and alleviate some of your homesickness.

To be sure, the shopaholic will be very happy in Malta and will not run out of things to buy. Browse the shops and bring home some clever Maltese handicrafts to give to your friends and for you to keep as a reminder of your vacation.

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