10 Reasons To Visit India

“Why India” can either have many answers or you can stick to one. It completely holds to you why you want to discover it.

10 Reasons To Visit India

Some find its indian civilization interesting with its foundation layed more than 5000 year ago and some give its due to the ambiance which they recieve.

Today, India is perpetual mix of modern and traditions. This more or less gives it a unique USP which visitors love to explore.

Since the days of yore, many travellers were impressed by India. What made them come to India lies in the engima attached. Here comprehending the FAMOUS 10 for India could be a bit difficult but then “‘THEY” make this land popular.

Taj Mahal

I call Taj Mahal an epic in white. The exuberant monument was created by Shahjahan in commemoration of his beloved wife. This history still remember each phase of this era when a Mughal ruler created a masterpiece . At that time, he may not have realized that he is creating one of the SEVEN wonders of the world.

Forts and Palaces of Rajasthan

If Taj Mahal was built by a Mughal rulers, there are innummerable forts and palaces which dots the western landscape of India – Rajasthan. The artistary done are eye tonic and is a paradise for those who love exquisite craftsmanship. The famous one which que travellers are Amber Fort, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Ranthambore Fort… The list seems to be endless.

Camel Safari

Once you are in Rajasthan, safari is one this which you are bound to do. Navigating Thar desert while holding the hump of camel is impressive enough. Watching traditional villages on the way, could add cherry on the cake as it would give you a brief picture of Rajasthan culture and lifestyle. Unlike the cities, the villages carries the essence of the traditions followed by people over the ages.

Khajuraho Temples

Included in World Heritage Site, Khajuraho temples is supposed to be one of its kind in the world. Erotic sculptures beautifully ornate the walls of the temples and reflects the ideology of the famous book ” Kamsutra”.

Palace on Wheels

Chugging this train on Delhi -Rajasthan highway could be an experience in itself. The royalty it exudes with ideal hospitality make it popular amongst the foreign travellers. This is one of the most popular and expensive way of travelling through train as the locomotive dresses itself in luxury and style exhibiting the traditional rajasthani culture.


As old as Indian civilization itself, Ayurveda is not taken as a medicinal therapy but as holistic science which rejuvenates mind, body and soul. Ayurveda is simply uses the most basic herbs and exercises. Kerala and Rishikesh are amongst the top rated ayurvedic destinations in India.


Himalayas shadows India, it protects India and is indispensible part from its landscape. The region gives a major boost to tourism which includes many adventure activities which you need to explore.

Kerala Backwaters

Transport yourself to another zone – an abode of blue waters, with quaint coconut trees lined up to make picture postcard look. Experience the intoxicating beauty of Kerala backwaters on your visit to one of the most interesting places of Southern zone.

10 Reasons To Visit India
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